Автор: Аида от 3.11.2015

Отзыв: I am studying here with pleasure. There is also English

Автор: Дмитрий от 3.11.2015

Отзыв: I am learning English because it is necessary nowadays.

Автор: Алтынай от 28.10.2015

Отзыв: I have been attending IELTS graduation and Advanced

Автор: Арайлым от 28.10.2015

Отзыв: I’m finishing learning Pre-Intermediate level. I feel

Автор: Лейла от 24.10.2015

Отзыв: Our center is very good. English lessons last very

Автор: Асия от 24.10.2015

Отзыв: There are very good teachers in our center. I would

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